Preschools and personal data protection


A seminar with the topic "Preschools and Personal Data Protection" was organized by Vukovic & Partners Law Office for the representatives from private preschools.

On the basis of regulations in the field of preschool education, preschool institutions are obliged to keep a number of records for children, children’s parents, as well as their own employees.

At the seminar the employees in preschool institutions were presented with the basic obligations in the field of personal data protection, which were introduced by the new Law on Personal Data Protection. The implementation of the new Law started on 21st of August this year and it has set a higher standard for personal data protection, as well as numerous challenges for practitioners and processors but especially for the so-called government bodies, which includes pre-schools.

Aleksandra Calic Boskovic, attorney at law and partner, and Marijana Bisevac, law graduate and associate at the Vukovic and Partners law firm, tried to clarify to the seminar participants all the news and changes in order to help them adapt this segment of their business to new Law on Data Protection.

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